You’re 18 in Rapid City. Why bother voting?

So you’re finally 18, a legal adult. Among the other items on your newly minted list of stuff you’re allowed to do, you can also vote. But who cares? After all, there’s no exciting presidential election dominating the airwaves and Facebook for another two years.

Answer: You should care! Voter turnout is always lowest in local elections, and that’s exactly why your vote counts EVEN MORE when it comes to voting locally. It may be tough to put a finger on how your vote personally can make a difference in giant elections — I understand that.

If you're 18 in! 18 in Rapid City? Then vote!

But in Rapid City elections — where margins of victory are often within a couple hundred votes — your vote really does matter, and it can change things. Your personal vote will never make as much of an individual difference as it does in Rapid City’s elections!

Elections are important, and they have consequences. So please get involved – and vote!

Hey, you’re 18 — start exercising your right to vote, and make sure your voice counts. The election is Tuesday, June 2. You may vote early at the County Administration Building on Kansas City Street (east of the parking garage).

Click here for a voter registration form. Registration deadline for the June 2 Election is on May 19, 2015.