I support your Second Amendment rights

My opponent and I both claim to be in favor of your Second Amendment rights. I’ve proven it. He hasn’t.

At a debate on May 6, Chief Allender claimed he supports gun rights aside from one exception: He said the required background checks during gun purchases should also include a check on mental illness records of the prospective buyer.” [See May 7, 2015 Rapid City Journal]

His statement at the debate is troubling enough because there are a whole host of issues with his proposed exception. Even so, his recent statement is completely contradicted by the statements he’s made in his Chief’s View blog.Click to enlarge

Chief Allender said in this January 2013 post,Some guns and ammunition should never be made available to the public.  The best examples of this are cheaply made assault weapons which can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.  There is no redeeming quality to these weapons in a civilian setting, no matter what anyone says – even the NRA.  The cost, availability, and destructive ammunition they use all contribute to their ridiculousness…The constitutional argument is becoming the default tactic for nationwide patriotic manipulation.”

Those aren’t the words of a Second Amendment rights advocate.

In the Facebook screenshot above (click it to enlarge it), you’ll see that Chief Allender won’t clarify his views even when voters ask him politely to do so. Instead, they get a sarcastic reply with no further comment.
Chief Allender also makes the odd claim below (click to enlarge) that “Defense of the constitution and politics do not go together.”

allender constitution

The chief and I are in serious disagreement here. Defending the Constitution is everyone’s job, especially elected public officials. It may interest the chief to know that the first line of the Oath of Office for the mayor of Rapid City reads as follows:

“I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States…”

I’d like your support, because I do support your Second Amendment rights. While the role of Mayor isn’t as involved in Second Amendment issues as a State Legislator or other elected positions, the Mayor of Rapid City does have a voting position on the Board of the South Dakota Municipal League, which takes positions on a variety of legislation. In 2011, after receiving citizen concerns, I led the effort to ask the City Attorney’s office and Civic Center to review the legality of “No guns allowed signs” at the Civic Center.  The signs were removed.

I appreciate your support!