Chief Allender: Accepting All People Is “Unrealistic”

During his time as police chief, Chief Allender kept a blog called “Chief’s View.”



In discussing the variety of people and interests he’d have to serve as mayor — “[in Steve’s OWN words — these are his labels] racial minorities, gays, transgenders, liberals, conservatives, handicapped, drug users, alcoholics, the obese, anorexics, geniuses and mentally ill people”he’s very clear in his view that no one should expect to be accepted for who they are.

Chief Allender said: “There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance.  In my experience, there are many members of these groups that expect the masses to accept their lifestyle, choices or situation.  This is an unrealistic expectation… “

Read it in full context here.

I’m not easily shocked, but I admit — I’m shocked that someone who believes those things would even try to become the Mayor of any city. At least a city with all of these apparently tolerable, yet unacceptable, people running around trying to live their lives and be accepted for who they are, I suppose.

Let’s be clear: If you can’t accept people for who they are, then you don’t belong in the Mayor’s office. Period.

My vision is for positive, people focused government, and I believe in being the Mayor for everyone.