Sam supports our Senior Citizens

During my time in public office, I have worked hard to respond to Senior Citizens’ concerns and improve quality of life. This includes efforts to retain utility discounts for senior citizens, and pushing for a plan city-wide to bring curbcuts and sidewalks up to standard per the Americans with Disabilities Act. I recognize that many senior citizens live on fixed incomes, and this means it is important for City Government to keep costs in line to avoid unnecessary tax and rate increases. Learn more about my efforts to keep our tax burden low.

I have been a long time supporter of the Canyon Lake and Minneluzahan Senior Centers. While I support the concept of an Adult Resource Center at Roosevelt Park, my goal it insure the continuity of both of our existing Senior Centers.

I am also a strong supporter of our Veteran of the Month recognition program. During my time on the council, I have also led the effort to recognize veterans Jack van der Geest and Bill Groethe for their contributions to our community and to the world.

Jack and Ann van der Geest – Holocaust survivors Jack and Ann van der Geest were great friends of mine. I led the effort to organize a recognition by the city and state honoring Jack on the 66th anniversary of Jack’s amazing escape from Buchenwald Death Camp. He “died” at Buchenwald on 3/3/1943, and he died again on 3/3/2009 — just days after being recognized for his commitment to freedom. Organizing the tribute to Jack is one of the highlights of my life.

Bill Groethe – I love photography. I wish I had more time to be involved in it. Bill’s photography is in the Smithsonian and in museums all over the country. He is a very talented photographer, and his 9/2/1948 picture of the last survivors of the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn is on of my favorite pictures. In 2009 I led the effort to have Bill recognized by the city and state for his contributions to preserving our history. If you haven’t met Bill, make sure you do. His knowledge of Rapid City and Black Hills history is amazing.

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