Community Support

My focus is to serve all of the citizens and businesses in Rapid City — all of the time. Below is a selection of writings from people who approve of the job I’ve done for Rapid City.

2015 Election letters/editorials

Helped keep Lakota Nations Invitational Tournaments in Rapid City (5/31/15)

Supporter of youth recreation (5/31/15)

Understands role of public servant (5/31/15)

Has show he respects all people (5/31/15)

Cares about the common people (5/31/15)

A compassionate leader as Mayor (5/31/15)

Shows he cares about city (5/31/15)

Endorsement: Rapid City Journal (5/31/15)

Open, accessible leader (5/29/15)

Cares for others (5/29/15)

Has unique skills to be Mayor (5/29/15)

Has city moving in right direction (5/29/15)

He works for Native causes (5/29/15)

Sam a watchdog for city taxpayers (5/27/15)

Sam represents what the voters want (5/26/15)

Sam has earned my vote (5/25/15)

One of the best Mayors Rapid City has had (5/24/15)

Have known him since childhood; he’ll move city ahead (5/24/15)

Sam treats employees with respect (5/21/15)

Sam has qualities a mayor needs (5/21/15)

Sam has kept lid on spending (5/20/15)

He supports people with special needs (5/19/15)

Sam brings experience to office (5/17/15)

Sam fought to defend prayer at council meetings (5/17/15)

Sam represents city well as Mayor (5/17/15)

Many reasons to vote for Sam (5/16/15)

Sam will continue to do what’s best for city (5/16/15)

Sam’s earned another term (5/15/15)

Sam the kind of leader our community needs (5/14/15)

Differences are clear in Mayor’s race (5/13/15)

Mayor Kooiker is a people person, passionate (5/12/15)

City doing well under Sam’s leadership (5/09/15)

Sam is best choice (5/08/15)

Sam is making Rapid City a better place to live (5/7/15)

True Leadership Skills (5/06/15)

Sam has worked hard to improve race relations (5/01/15)

Sam should serve another term as Mayor (4/30/15)

Mayor Sam delivers (4/29/15)

Sam streamlined government, made hard decisions (4/22/15)

Sam respects voters (4/21/2015)

Sam knows what it takes to be Mayor (4/15/2015)

Kooiker has earned re-election as Mayor (4/12/2015)

Sam is the candidate with a vision (4/01/2015)

Mayor led effort for civic center vote (1/21/2015)

2014 Editorials

Leaked email pure politics (3/19/2014)

Forum: Take time to reflect on City’s history (11/08/2014)

2013 Election letters/editorials

Has vision for City Government (4/15/2013)

Sam Kooiker good listener who cares (5/6/2013)

Rapid City moving forward with Kooiker (5/6/2013)

Kooiker good manager of Rapid City’s money (5/12/2013)

Are you better off than two years ago? (5/12/2013)

Vote for Kooiker a vote for future (5/12/2013)

Many good things happening with Kooiker (5/12/2013)

Kooiker has passion, empathy, honesty (5/12/2013)

Sam fought for lower taxes (5/14/2013)

Give Sam two more years (5/24/2013)

Vote to keep Mayor Sam Kooiker (5/26/2013)

Kooiker knows value of higher education (5/26/2013)

Sam focuses on the welfare of his constituents (5/28/2013)

Rapid City Journal Editorial Board: Sam Kooiker for Mayor (6/2/2013)

News Center 1: Sam Kooiker’s Landslide Reelection: Political Redemption (6/5/2013)

2012 Editorials

Journal Editorial Board: Veto of term lengths the right call (2/28/2012)

Journal Editorial Board: Mayor right to veto tax increase (9/04/2012)

2011 Post-election letters/editorials

From Watchdog to Top Dog (7/3/2011)

Columnist: No more business as usual (8/10/2011)

City commended for quick fix of leak (9/22/2011)

Appalled that previous administration spent into reserves (10/2/2011)

EDITORIAL: Public forums make city government accessible (10/4/2011)

Led effort to get polling place for Lakota Homes (10/4/2011)

 2011 Election letters

Has makings of a great leader (3/06/2011)

Faster than speed of bureaucracy (3/06/2011)

Has courage, talent, high standards (3/09/2011)

Has essential qualities for mayor (3/13/2011)

Proven record (3/13/2011)

Best candidate for mayor (3/14/2011)

Remember censure, then vote for Sam (3/20/2011)

Can get things done (3/27/2011)

City wastes time on trivial issues (3/27/2011)

Resisted risky leaseback plan (3/30/2011) Note: You can learn more about the leaseback here.

Uncovered fraud at city landfill (4/05/2011)

Can encourage growth, prosperity (4/06/2011)

Committed, fair and focused (4/10/2011)

Makes council more responsive (4/10/2011)

Keeps watch over our tax dollars (4/17/2011)

Despite spin, censure was about city fraud (4/17/2011)

An honest man who keeps his word (4/18/2011)

Able to work with diverse groups (4/19/2011)

Censure was travesty of justice (4/19/2011)

A trustworthy, powerful communicator (4/24/2011)

Who are those analysts, experts? (4/27/2011)

Check out who backs candidates (4/27/2011)

It’s Hanks’ way or the highway (5/01/2011)

A man of honesty, integrity (5/08/2011)

Best remedy for politics as usual (5/08/2011)

Best choice to move city forward (5/08/2011)

Support still strong despite stolen sign (5/15/2011)

Helps people outside of his ward (5/22/2011)

Responsive to all city residents (5/25/2011)

Wrongly accused in censure (5/25/2011)

Bright, honest and upright (5/25/2011)

As qualified as a city manager (5/25/2011)

Inclusive in public dealings (5/25/2011)

Not afraid of tough questions (5/25/2011)

Paid own costs to spare taxpayers (5/29/2011)

Will ensure bright future for city (5/29/2011)

Could bring needed leadership (5/29/2011)

Resilient and unpretentious (5/29/2011)

Hanks is wrong about Kooiker’s vision (6/01/2011)

Has good common sense (6/01/2011)

“Micro-management” actually a compliment (6/01/2011)

Listens to constituents (6/02/2011)

Responds when called (6/02/2011

Has proven track record (6/02/2011)

Attentive to Native Americans (6/02/2011)

Ready to lead community (6/03/2011)

Hanks’ illusions better than David Copperfield (6/03/2011)

What will Hanks camp come up with next? (6/03/2011)

Has right stuff to be next mayor (6/19/2011)

2010 “Show Trial” editorials, letters and articles

I am very grateful for the support I have received from people across the political spectrum and from all walks of life during the “Show Trial”.

Silencing Kooiker with censure (2/07/2010)
Rapid City Journal editorial board

Don’t rock the council (2/11/2010)
by columnist and State Public Radio reporter Jim Kent

City council goes beyond the law with censure (2/13/2010)
by former Circuit Court Judge Roland Grosshans

RC Journal’s live coverage of the hearing (2/16/2010)
Kevin Woster with the Rapid City Journal covered the hearing live

Rapid City Journal Editorial: Censure hearing vindictive (2/21/2010)
The Journal Editorial board has a great summary of the hearing. [pdf]

Don’t stop, Mr. Kooiker (2/22/2010)
by Randy Rasmussen, Rapid City Journal

Kooiker censure plays out in city election (4/04/2010)

A good time for change on city council (6/05/2010)

Kooiker censure cost LaCroix council seat (6/09/2010) [pdf]

Voter turnout down, but passions high (6/09/2010)

Sitting council members carried out by anti-incumbency wave (6/10/2010)

What does Tuesday mean? (6/14/2010)

No. 5: Rapid City council members censure one of their own (12/26/2010)
[PDF1; PDF2]

2010: What a strange trip it has been (1/3/2011) [pdf]

Letters to the Editor
People from all walks of life and all political persuasions have weighed in on this topic. I have linked some of the letters here.

Score: Taxpayers minus $17,000; Justice zero (2/14/2010)
Note: by Bob Williams, retired Stevens High School Biology teacher

Censure similiar to McCarthy Hearings/Salem Witch Trials (2/14/2010)
Note: by Sylvia Cox, retired Harvard trained attorney

Former council rep unhappy with censure (2/28/2010)
Note: by Vess “Babe” Steinburg, former Rapid City Firefighter and Ward 2 Alderman. He served the city honorably starting as a firefighter in 1947. He was elected to the city council in 1978 and served for 24 years. Babe often used to say “If there was no need for debate, there would be only one of us up here”.

There were at least a dozen more letters on 2/28/2010 (Page A8 & A9).
Note: Debbie Smith called me and wanted to make sure I knew that her letter was a letter of support since the title was confusing (A8). Also, Bill Kunerth is a highly respected retired Journalism professor from Iowa State University (A9).

Mayor and council did injustice to Kooiker (3/07/2010)
Note: This link includes several letters, including one from former State Senator Jerry Apa

Kooiker censure shows lack of leadership (3/17/2010)
Note: by Tom Johnson, former Rapid City Council President and 2007 Mayoral candidate. His letter speaks volumes. Thank you Tom!