Remembering our fallen heroes

A senseless tragedy occurred on August 2, 2011. Rapid City lost two of its finest. Officers Ryan McCandless, Nick Armstrong and Tim Doyle were all ambushed near the intersection of Anamosa St and Greenbriar St.

Ryan and Nick died from their injuries, and Tim was seriously wounded. This tragedy deeply affected our community.

Officer Ryan McCandless

Officer Nick Armstrong

The last time Rapid City lost a police officer in an on-duty shooting was on December 29, 1916 at the Garlick Hotel, which was located at the NE corner of 5th and St. Joseph St (near where the Stockgrower’s building is now). Even once in 100 years is still too much.

Nick and Ryan will always be heroes to us.

The Garlick Hotel (NE Corner of 5th/St Joseph)