Prayer at City Council Meetings

Rapid City has opened every City Council meeting with prayer for at least 60 years, and probably much longer. It is a cherished tradition, yet it was recently under attack by a controversial and extreme out-of-state group, who sought to end any and all prayers at City Council meetings. This issue garnered national attention. We chose to stand and fight and thousands of citizens stood with us. A similar case in New York State was decided in the US Supreme Court last year, which put the issue to rest for now.

Los Angeles Times (2/27/2013): Council in Rapid City, S.D., fights to keep prayer at meetings

Rapid City Journal (3/9/2013): Meade County Commission stands with Rapid City on prayer issue

Rapid City Journal (4/16/2013): Rapid City Council votes to keep prayer at meetings

Rapid City Journal (5/6/2014): Case Closed on Prayer

I am in favor of protecting freedom of expression by continuing to allow invocations at our City Council meetings.

It’s important to have a Mayor who values your freedoms.

Your voice matters! Please help us protect these important freedoms by clicking on the link below.

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