My Stand On The Civic Center

civic-centerThere’s naturally a lot of talk in Rapid City during this election campaign about the Civic Center expansion vote.

Like Chief Allender, I supported the Civic Center expansion proposal. But unlike him, I insisted on a public vote. I personally gathered more signatures on the petition to bring it to a citizens’ vote than anyone else! Even though I supported the expansion myself, the more important issue for me was that the people of Rapid City got to decide whether to support it or vote it down.

The voters turned down the first proposal on March 10, and I respect the will of the voters. I’m embracing the election results and leading the effort to develop a proposal that:

  1. Is less expensive
  2. Fixes the Americans with Disabilities Act issues
  3. Minimizes impact to existing events; and
  4. Addresses Future marketability.

In contrast, Chief Allender blames lack of communication and voter understanding for failure of a project he says Rapid City desperately needs.

I think you understood the issue just fine. Instead of criticizing the voters, I’m listening to you and I’m committed to addressing the issue at the Civic Center in a manner consistent with the results of the recent public vote.