The Preservation of M Hill

NW View of M Hill from 7th and South Streets – 1915

In August of 2006, “M” Hill (aka Cowboy Hill) was put up for sale. By the close of 2006, this landmark was preserved for future generations. This area is now called Hansen-Larsen Memorial Park. The park is owned and operated by the Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park Foundation. Rapid City is honored to have a private entity committed to preserving this landmark. I strongly supported preserving the hill.  The development of hiking and biking trails on “M” hill has been a big plus for our community and is a compliment to our existing park system

Cowboy Hill for Sale (8/22/2006)
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M Hill auction winners plan ‘open space’ (10/17/2006)
Land deal to create Lien family park (10/17/2006)
City signs purchase agreement for M Hill (10/19/2006)
City votes to sign M Hill agreement (10/20/2006)
Council closes doors to discuss M Hill (12/16/2006)
M Hill foundation wants area to remain largely untamed (2/15/2007)