Good Infrastructure is Key

During my time in office I have worked to increase the attention paid to our streets, utilities, drainage issues and sidewalks. In order for Rapid City to continue to prosper and attract new business, all areas of the city need to be included in the capital development and repair planning process.

On of the key issues in Rapid City is making sure developers are held accountable for properly building our streets — and it’s our responsibility to make sure the city has the proper procedures in place to keep corners from being cut.

The city is in the process of following through on the adopted ADA transition plan, to insure our buildings and sidewalks are accessible to people with disabilities.

The city is currently in the process of rebuilding numerous streets in Rapid City. More than $32.6m in Infrastructure improvements are planned for 2013 alone, and that doesn’t even include the $40m Jackson Springs Water bond, which is funding a new water treatment plant, and transmission lines all over town, including the new Airport water lines.