Stand with me again. Let’s keep improving Rapid City.

When I arrived in office, ‘micromanagement’ and ‘inefficiency’ were hard wired into the City codes – too much red tape, too many committees, and a frustrating process for citizens and City employees. Together we have reduced the number of committees and the length of the City’s bill paying process by more than half, and we are now administratively approving Business Licenses, Final Plats, Event Permits and Raffles.

My main goals for the next two years:

  • Ongoing focus on infrastructure, including repair and replacement of aging streets and utilities.
  • Resolving longstanding Americans with Disabilities Act and other code compliance issues at the Civic Center in a manner reflective of the wishes of thousands of Rapid City Citizens who voted in the special election on March 10.
  • Additional streamlining of city ordinances and processes to diminish the inherent inefficiencies of government and improve the lives of taxpayers and city employees.
  • Enhancing the foundation of our community by continually working toward improved race relations.

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